Products whose payment is completed will be shipped on the same day or another business day.

The tracking of the shipment of the shopping made at the weekend is carried out within the working day.


Important note

In order for you to try the CollagenTurn product without opening the package, you will see our "tester" product in your order. You can try the product and decide. If you return it, we ensure that the process can be processed quickly.

All products sold on our site are under the guarantee of manufacturers and importers.

How many days is the return period?
In general, you can return the products you purchased within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery, without destroying, using, or impairing the resaleability of the product, by stating the reason.

What are the return conditions?
Below you can find the items that must be complete in the products you send for return. If any of these are missing, product returns are not accepted.

• Invoice of the product,
• Return letter
• The products to be returned within 14 days must be delivered complete and undamaged, together with the box, packaging and standard accessories, if any.